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Brightly coloured fruits

 Red and orange fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements essential for reproduction. Strawberries and oranges stand out, which contain coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C; the pomegranate, with great antioxidant power ; and red fruits, rich in reservatrol.

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Nuts and seeds

It is advisable to always include them in the diet, also when you are looking for a pregnancy. They are rich in trace elements and omega 3 , an essential fatty acid that actively participates in fertility.

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Green leafy vegetables


“Almost all green leafy vegetables provide essential substances for our reproduction. Always take them fresh or steamed. They also provide folic acid, essential before pregnancy and also in the first trimester of thi

The intake of folates together with multivitamin complexes throughout pregnancy (as long as they do not contain fat-soluble vitamins above the recommended daily doses) reduces the incidence not only of neural tube defects but also of cardiac, urinary, or facial, limb and limb malformations.

The consumption of folic acid does not prevent all neural tube defects, because there are some that are not related to folic acid deficiency but to chromosomal alterations or poorly controlled diabetes. It is usually a mistake to supplement folic acid in healthy women who wish to become pregnant.  Any woman with a balanced diet will have enough folic acid.

Spinach: Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts (& Popeye) | Live Science
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Whole grains

Not only do they present a slower absorption than refined ones , reducing blood glucose peaks, but they “provide, among other compounds, selenium and L-arginine , trace elements and amino acids necessary for fertility.

9 Health Benefits of Eating Whole Grains
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Blue Fish

It should not be forgotten that 50% of cases of infertility are due to a single or mixed male factor, so it is essential that men also take care of their diet, starting with reducing overweight and cholesterol. In addition to fruits, which provide vitamins necessary to eliminate oxidative substances that destroy sperm DNA, and nuts and seeds that contain omega 3 , fatty fish also provide this essential fatty acid for reproduction.

It is  also recommended, in the case of men, not to forget the protein intake of meats, eggs or dairy products , which provide coenzyme q10, L-carnitine and N-acetylcysteine, all necessary for good seminal quality.

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Both mussels and oily fish and other foods such as iodized salt provide iodine, essential for the reproductive system. However none of these foods works by itself and that it is always best to include them in the framework of a Mediterranean diet, “rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and, of course, olive oil. ”.

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It is recommended that there is moderate consumption of alcohol . “Excessive alcohol consumption, which represents more than 14 units per week, has been associated with worse reproductive results.

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It seems that there is a higher incidence of abortion and a lower rate of live births in IVF cycles with the consumption of high doses of caffeine (defined as a consumption of more than five cups a day). It is recommended to never exceed that limit and also do remember that some soft drinks and energy drinks also contain caffeine.

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