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Here are 17 foods that enhance sexual performance…by Oluwaseun Bakare

17 Foods that enhance sexual performance

If you are on a date or want to light a fire in your partner, these are the foods that increase sexual performance that you should include in your routine.

1 egg

This food contains amino acids L-arginine that dilate blood vessels and can improve erectile dysfunction.

2. Walnut

These nuts contain zinc. Zinc increases blood flow to the sexual organs and improves taste and smell function.

Also, walnuts improve the quality and flavor of sperm, did you know that?

3. Seeds

With pumpkin and sunflower seeds, the same thing happens. You can eat them as snacks, add them to yogurt with cereals or salads.

4. Oysters

Clams and scallops increase testosterone and estrogen levels. This generally translates to increased sexual desire. They are also a source of zinc so eating oysters would help to achieve and maintain an erection.

5. Almond

Almonds also contain amino acids L-arginine that improves blood circulation.

6. Steak

Beef is ideal for increasing the sexual desire of men and women because it provides zinc, vitamin B, iron and protein.

7. Salmon

This fish provides omega-3 that prevents the accumulation of plaques in the arteries. By improving blood flow, it is beneficial for erections. Attention: an excess in the intake of fatty fish can increase the risk of contracting prostate cancer.

8. Peach

This fruit contains vitamin C that increases fertility in men. It has a positive impact on the sperm count and quality.

9. Garlic

Despite the bad smell it leaves, garlic is a natural anticoagulant that is why it promotes blood flow and erection.

10. Coffee

This infusion stimulates both the brain and your sexual desire.

11. Saffron

The properties of saffron are many. Besides being delicious and pairing perfectly with rice, it is a natural aphrodisiac because it increases stamina and energy.

12. Strawberries and raspberries

Did you know that the small seeds of these fruits have zinc? Remember that zinc controls the testosterone level in men.

13. Avocado

This food is rich in folic acid and vitamin B6 that stabilizes hormones.

14. Watermelon

Watermelon is ideal for maintaining an erection because it improves vasodilatation.

15. Beet

The same happens with beets that contain nitrates. These are converted to nitric oxide which increases blood flow, thus preventing erectile dysfunction.

16. Apple

This fruit contains an antioxidant called quercetin. This controls the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland and interstitial cystitis, such as pain with ejaculation, painful bladder, genital pain, erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse.

17. Red wine

The wine could not be missing, the pairing of the rest of the foods. Attention women: it is proven that one or two glasses of red wine a day increases sexual desire and female lubrication.

So there you have it, 17 foods that enhance sexual performance.

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