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Pawpaw: the awesome health benefits!

Pawpaw (also known as Papaya) is a tropical fruit that is found in regions of Africa and countries such as Nigeria. Pawpaw is a very delicious fruit with numerous health benefits. In fact, it is a fruit that has the richest source of Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Its numerous health benefits are:-

  • It helps to lower cholesterol; it is rich in fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants that helps to prevent cholesterol from building up in the arteries thereby preventing heart attack.
  • It is so rich in Vitamin C ‘s daily requirement; about 200%, thereby boosting the body’s immunity.
  • The rich fiber content helps to relieve constipation by increasing bowel movements.
  • Pawpaw is very rich in antioxidants and this helps to protect cells from damages and further lowers the risk of cancer. Its rich beta-carotene content protects against prostate cancer.
  • It contains protein digesting enzymes that helps to reduce inflammations and to improve the healings of burns.
  • Pawpaw is rich in Vitamin A and other nutrients that helps to keep the eyes healthy thereby preventing them from damage.
  • It helps to ease menstrual pain because of the enzyme called Papain which helps to regulate and ease flow during menstruation.
  • It helps to promote growth of healthy hair because of its vitamin A content..

However note of warning; pregnant mothers should abstain from eating raw or semi-ripe pawpaw because of its latex content which is known to cause abortions.

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